Yesterday's big BGE cleanup; games will now crash if you move the camera with a key.

How to reproduce.

Download this build

And set up the camera logic so that the camera will move when a key is pressed. Watch the game crash when the camera starts to move. (and do note, the crash will only happen if you assign the controls to the camera).

The only BGE changes between 2.69 and today is the big code cleanup from Moguri, so I am almost certain that those changes introduced the crash, I’m thinking there must now be some sort of error with the view matrix or something but I can’t say for sure. All I know is that the Blender release cycle is right now in the initial phase where big changes are being done so it’s understandable to see some regressions early in the release Cycle.

If Moguri can look at this and resolve this quickly, then that would be great, thanks.

Have you reported this bug? It is likely that this bug has arisen from the changing of the render code and there’s an access violation or something going on

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Oh, wow! Moguri’s gotten rid of SingleTexture mode! Hurrah! I’m going to download the newest build and test it out a bit.

Reported here (though it sometimes seems like bug descriptions are more often read by the BGE devs. on this forum than on the tracker itself).

Get a bleeding edge build (today or later), and test it yourself.
keyCrash.blend (496 KB)

The camera is supposed to move if you press any key on the keyboard, but instead, every key is ‘quit Blender’.

And now it’s fixed.

Good work Moguri on getting this done early, I think it also might help to resolve potential showstoppers and regressions if more people here test their games in newer builds to make sure everything is still good.