Yet Another AAO test

Scene has about 750 000 verts and was rendered in about 18min with new Approximate Ambient Occlusion and sun with raytraced soft shadows (Mobile Core2Duo T5600).
Unfortunately SVN Blender’s camera lens seems to be {EDIT:} decalibrated, so You can notice some chromatic aberration :evilgrin:


AAO Looks great on complex scenes! Your model is good, Especially the plants. But the shadows bug me for some reason, Probably just me. I have got to test this AAO out…

@ tarkata14
If You mean this AO related dirt behind plants, then You’re not alone.
I belive it’s caused by fake nature of the AAO…

Yeah, the shadows behind the plants. The rest of the shadows look good though.

Could you show a comparison render using Raytraced AO with Adaptive QMC and Constant QMC?

Well, it will take some time to cook, I think.

Nice work, now texture this thing.

The model was a commercial job I did at the beginning of last year - it wasn’t well paid, so I didn’t apply myself.
I uploaded finished render (pic. on the right - rendered with Kerkythea).

And on the left You’ve got the adaptive QMC AO, 8 samples- 34min 18sec.

Personally I like AAO version more (with exception for those dirty shadows behind plants…


Looking awesome, I like it.

The general feel is much nicer than the harsh render from Kerkythea. Those nasty rainbow shadows (the chromatic aberration) needs to go.

Which controls do you mess with to fix that in the AO toolbox?

Half the time is not bad at all!
Maybe we can setup a simpler scene to see how to get rid of this dirt.
Have you tried messing with the correction parameter? Or the passes value? Error value?

The chromatic aberration was just a joke…
We’ll get new distortion node soon :slight_smile:

Yep, a simpler scene and some tweaking…

Parameters so far:
Pixel Cache - On
Use Falloff - on, Strength - 0.5
Correction - 0.5

After some renders cooked, I can confirm, that increasing level of Correction helps a bit with dirty indirect shadows on objects that are close to each other (bushes and walls at pictures above). Unfortunately it seems, that those shadows are price for render times :slight_smile:
Hope, that implementation of one bounce indirect lightning will get rid of the problem.

Pixel Cache - On
Use Falloff - on, Strength - 1.0
Correction - 0

Pixel Cache - On
Use Falloff - on, Strength - 1.0
Correction - 1.0
(notice the render is a little over burned)


wow this looks darn good.

A comparison with normal “old” AO would be cool.

Nice model and good results though.

If you read the posts on how it was created, you can see that it is ‘approximate’. You are trying to render a relatively realistic bush there. Maybe this is just one of those situations where the warnings about ‘approximate’ come into play?

Still a nice render

I’ve been using it in some renders I’ve done for an MP3 player and especially used in conjunction with regular lights, its amazing.

Nice, really. I like much more the AAO version too. But i like the transparent people :wink:

Look further up he did one render with AAO and one with Adaptive AO.

jendrzych can you provide the blend file or the simplified one?