yet another another hair fur question???

I suppose that many of you are tired of reading questions about hair or static particles. I have one i cant find or figure out myself.

I know how to make fur but one thing i cant figure or find is how to make the fur or fuzz or whatever grow according to the color of the material vertex group.

For instance i want to make a fuzzy penguin or something. his chest is WHITE and his back is BLACK. i applied the black material to a vertex group called BACK and a WHITE material to the chest called CHEST…

Then applied every little trick i know to make a really fuzzy cool looking fur. problem is ALL THE FUR IS THE SAME COLOR.

How do i get the static particles to grow according to the color of my material groups?

  This penguin is gong to be animated so separate meshes seams to me a bad idea unless they can be made to deform as if one mesh...

I hope my question is understandable as i don’t know if i got the tech lingo correc

Your question is perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, though, you can’t do that with Blender’s current particle system. This is because Blender’s current particle system sucks. The new one will be much better. Hunt around on here for a recent build of the new particles.

Would it be helpful for you to use a texture rather than a vertex group to color the fur?

In the image below I added a simple sphere, assigned a standard material and then added a colored texture to it. Then I just added partices and the particle on the sphere is colored in the same way as the underlying texture.

For your case that would mean to create a uv-mapped texture for your penguin.

I used Blender 245RC2 for that.


Doubled: i didn’t know this. thank you… i thought about it but i guessed (wrong)the color for materials and the color for a UV mapped image would have gone the same way … thank you now for the fun part uv mapping MMM mmm good…

i guess i can get more detail with uv mapped images anyway.

as for the Blackboe
thanks also. i will check out that link…what version should i look for…???

to add on a bit.
particle system I believe can only access one material (correct me if I’m wrong)
that material can have any number of textures though.


Just found out that I probably made a mistake in my answer!

uv-mapping seems to produce weired results with particles. In my example I set the mapping to sphere rather than uv.

As you mentioned that you want to animate the character uv-mapping seemed the best method to me to ensure proper textures also during deformation of the mesh. However the particles do not seem to like it (see attached image below; plane with uv-mapped texture).:frowning:

Sorry for that misguidance! I haven’t found a way yet to make it work also with uv-mapped textures (in case it works at all with uv-mapping).

So the testbuild mentioned by BlackBoe might be the only solution to work with.