Yet another apartment


Long time with no post.
Those are images I rendered some times ago mainly to make some tests on lighting an interior scene with Octane Render.
Some of them came out quite nice, so I finally decided to share them with you.

Modeling : Blender and Marvelous Designer 3
Rendering : Octane 2.24 standalone Direct Light Diffuse kernel
Lighting : Sun + HDR
Rendering time : From 2h to 6h depending on the image size (1200x1600 or 2560x1440) and light conditions on 4 GTX cards
Postproduction : Gimp, mainly to fix lighting and contrast.

You can see the complete set here :



Wonderful renders as allways!

not that much to say :). Great work! The only tiny thing I could say it´s may be a little bit of grunge and dirt on the wall. They are just too clean and white. That´s the only thing tell us a CG render. Otherwise 10/10.

good renders but i don’t understand the stylized mirrors splotches, they don’t mesh well with the all clean environment.

Hello awesome renders. But I agree with bat3a for the mirrors, even if they are well made.

I’m learning octane too, but one thing bothers me. You always have to over-expose you exterior to get a proper lighting. That what I do, its the same for you?

hell, I’d live there… nice work

4 GTX cards dear lord - then I don’t want to know how long one would take to render :wink:

Stunning work,it’s inspired to Baron Hausmann of BBB3?

Yet another apartment, yet another great job. I always enjoy seeing your work!

Exceptional job on this. I really love the ceiling details you added. It’s funny because I can instantly tell any arch viz project rendered in Octane… kind of that diffused look. I’m curious if cycles could produce something similar?

Yet another enricoceric apartment. Really good job :slight_smile:

4 GTX cards

Can you tell us the exact model?

Wow! This is fantastic work.

Steve S

Wow! Just Wow! So realistic as well. Wires, maybe?

Seriously wow.

Damnly good!

Wow, veery nice works, the composition of first photo is great.
congratz and Regards.

Absolutely realistic!! Who could say it’s not a photo??
Many congratulations, Enrico! :yes:

8 out of 5 stars :)… perfect