Yet another armature not working in BGE.

I have seen ALOT of these posts. I have read ALOT of these posts. Unfortunately, none of them helped solve the problem. Im sorry I couldnt dig up the answer, but I have been looking for about 4 hours. Here is the prob.

I have an action not being played in the BGE.
The action works fine in 3d view

For testing, I tied and always to a “brain” object, to play the action actuator.
Here is the blend. … simplified version

Meanwhile, off to figure out some AI things and move away from actions until my brain settles a bit. =)

I still havent figured it out. =(
I have seriously improved the AI though!

Hey indy22, what version of blender are you using?

Hi indyz2,

In your blend I found no action actuator attached to the armature. Works fine in BGE 2.62 when attached. I’m not shure if this was the issue. Hoped to be of any assistance.


I also noticed that the armature isn’t connected to the brain’s And controller and there was no Action actuator on the armature. I made the connections and got everything working in the .blend file below. Also, you need to make the running.001 action a “Fake User” by clicking the F button next to the name in the Action Editor window (it’s open in the file I posted). The walk cycle also was only half complete - i just copied the first frame and pasted it at the end. It also seems like the action is a little slow. If you select all keyframes, you can scale them down to maybe 20 or 30 frames and it will play faster (if you do that, don’t forget to change the End Frame in the Action actuator). I would also suggest that you make the brain object an empty unless you want it to interact with the other objects in the scene.

If you have any other questions, let me know. Here’s the file:

pacman_simple_fixed.blend (482 KB)


Using 2.62

Ahhhh… I didnt realize it had to be attached to the armature. I figured if it were attached to any object, and the actuator was played, it would play the action, since the action knows it was playing that particular armature. I even had some old blends where actions were being played, looked at them for a while, and it never hit me

Sheesh, lol. TY.