Yet Another ATI or NVIDIA thread...

I’ve got a really good, fast, and new motherboard. It was pretty cheap at The downside is that it only supports Crossfire with video cards and not SLI. So, for the first time, I’m looking into possible ATI cards. I’m completely confused by their new ordering system, and recently been confused with the new lineup of GeForce cards too. What card manufacturer offers better performance?

they are all about the same Sapphire, EVGA, Zotac, XFX, PNY, MSI they are all good. But I suppose for ATI I’d have to suggest Sapphire and I don’t really know why. I just see a lot of Sapphire cards in the fore selling ATI cards.

ATI is great these days. Just keep in mind you’re better using Nvidia with blender, generally speaking.

for ATI try to get a 4850 or 4870 or 4870x2 card, they are all worth the money depending on your budget.

nVidia has higher support for Linux, and ATi has been bought by AMD, which is starting to get less and less creative with new technologies.

Overall, I would return the motherboard and get one with SLi support.

actually i would recomend a visiontek card. it’ll be about $10 more than the saphire cards usually but has a lifetime warranty. if it breaks 10 years from now they’ll replace it free.
the ati hd 4870X2 is the best card on the market right now period. ati has pulled ahead of nvidia. google some bench marks. ati makes an all-in-wonder card but it has a 3XXX raedon rather than a 4XXX raedon card in it. it’s a fast card but not in the same class as the 48cards as far as 3d processing. but it does have a tv and fm radio turner built into the card. it has a built in recorder so your pc will be just like tivo. it has a built in tv guide you can browse and set to record what ever you want. it comes with studio8 video editing software.
crossfire is just to hook up more than 1 graphics card. you could hook up an nvida card if you wanted but only 1. i think the best nvidia card right now is the 280. unless your goal is to run crysis at it’s highest settings at 80+ frames per second you shouldn’t need crossfire. the 4870X2 is like two 4870 cards in one, that card is a beast. it does a tera flops processing speed.
here are some links to 4870 vs 280 benchmarks.

I’m in the market too. For Nvidia, EVGA seems to have the best support and warranty, by far. Visiontek seems decent for ATI.

I’ve used Nvidia for a while and have gotten good use and performance out of them, but even so, I was leaning toward a 4870.

Then I started reading up on all the ATI driver issues with 3D software. Some people say it works fine with the right tweaks, but I’d rather have it work out of the box. Also, it seems like some people can’t get rid of the glitches and other problems no matter what they try.

So now I’m leaning towards a GTX 260 if I can get a good deal. On the negative side for Nvidia, I’ve been seeing reports about their solder process being flawed and their recent cards having a high failure rate and shorter than normal lifespan.

So, I’m still on the fence, but I’ll probably pickup one or the other in the next month or two.

yawn the eternal topic.

However nVidia 100% openGL compatible, ATI has issues
The soldering flaw of the nvidia is already under control, it mostly effected the 8800 mobility series. And its not a flaw at all, from what i´ve learned the solder used has a lesser melting point, but higher thermal… hmm dunnow how to say in english…
when the solder gets soft-ish due to heat and gets hard again its more resistant, but due to the lesser melting point there can appear micro fractures in the solderpoints and cut the contact if they get too hot, which mostly happens in notebooks.

And having a XFire board does not exclude nvidia cards.
XFire -> 2x ATI cards, 1x ATI card or 1x nvidia card
SLI -> 2x Nvidia cards, 3x Nvidia Cards(nforce780i or higher), 1x nvidia card or 1x ATI card

Don´t buy a X2 card unless you really really need it, because they all (nvidia and ATI) have micro lags. The framerate tends to feel less than 30fps eventhough you have an actual framerate of lets say 100fps, because there is no actual technology fixing the rate the frames are supplied… so, housenumbers for easier math:
1000 fps is 1 frame per millisecond.

first frame shows up.
then the next frame shows up 10 ms later
the next frame follows 1/10 ms later
and so the frames stumble out of SLI/Xfire/X2.
if you look at this the average of 10ms and 1/10ms over a minute is 1 frame per second which means 1000fps.
if you look at the 10ms between two frames it lowers the framerate there to 100fps while the delay between the next 2 frames would make it be 10000fps.
You will not recognize it during work in blender, but you will notice it in every game. slightly but it is there.

The upper class cards i would choose from ATM are:
RadeonHD 4870, 1024MiB
Nvidia GTX260 896 MiB
both around 240 Euro (=333USD - VAT = 266)

The cards i would choose for their price-performance ratio are:
RadeonHD 4850 512MiB
GeDorce 9800 GTX+ 512MiB
both around 150 Euro (=210USD - VAT = 168)

Manufacturers i´d choose ASUS or EVGA for nvidia, and for Radeon i tend to Powercolor/Palit. I don´t like saphire, back in the radeon9800 days i bought 4 cards from them. All 4 burned out because the cooling fan simply fell off… whats even better on all cards within a month after the warranty had void. ^^

And the eternal battle goes on ^^

Thanks to all. I’ll look into it. You guys really helped me out! :slight_smile: