yet another attempt to make an anime girl(with an image)

omg…i’m so tired! i have been working on this for like…5 hours! still not as good as a want it to be and i cant get the breast to look even “ok”. but atleast i got the butt better than i usually get it…if you have any tips on how to make the breasts right i’ll be more than glad! also i would like to know if you got any ideas on how to make the hair parts more defined (more anime like)

edit:wtf?! i forgot to put an image? why didn’t anyone tell me?!

It’s looking good so far I am not that great in explaining how to model lol srry I cant be more help but try what i do to make even parts of my modeling even :

select where the first breast is going to go then examply the right brest highlight the :X i have no clue how to explain the rest i should have not slept in english class so much lol just uplaod it and ppl will help u out or some1 else can explain it

My email is :
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u can send me it to and i can model it for u. { i am making a new game everyone i will post it when i am done here is a link to my site for my game i am working on right now }

there is the link well cya all for today i will respown tommorow if any 1 wants to add me to msn for help on blender or something dont bother asking me just add me and i will try to help out i can help out alot in the game engine -.- not that much in the rendering stuff but my budy on msn he knows allllloooot bout rendering and stuff … well gtg

Alright for boobs I would either attach orbs to her chest or extrude them out. You would than have to tweak the shape to form tear drops, I would use a ton of reference as well. :wink: Move the hair away for now, it abstructs modelling the character, although I love the hair style.