Yet another bathroom...

I saw something like this a while back, and had no idea if it was real or rendered. So I made my own, and I wonder if it looks real enough to convince the average viewer. Did I miss out something?


terrible colors choise :slight_smile: the image it’s nice but maybe: wall’s corners are too much sharp, wood plank could be a bit much reflective ann could help su more detail between walls and floor

I love those horrible colours - they sing to me. Especially after a crate of wine or two.

You are right about the corners. I need to deal with those next. The bathroom now boasts a skirting board, though, which I have just realised is one mesh and needs to be chopped up a little to heighten the realism.

The reflectivity of the bench is subject to debate. I don’t think it needs to be gloss varnished; a nice satin would suit it fine.


Slightly more dramatic lighting, softer corners on the walls, and methinks this thread should really be in WIP.