Yet another bedroom


(easydream) #1

Hello. Here is another fast commercial viz with eevee - all materials (drawings, wood, fabrics etc) are provided by architect, i only modeled it and rendered with eevee, small stuff is from previous projects.
All is done for 10 hours. With Cycles it would take about 20 hours… EEVEE is a BEAST!

(captainkirk) #2

Nice to see more archviz using EEVEE. How ready would you say it is for production use?

(easydream) #3

Well, for small projects like apartment it could be used. For commercial work, when speed is the most important thing, - eevee is the way out. But when we need “super realism” and when client is ready to pay for it it is better to use cycles. Maybe when new RTX features will be integrated into eevee vray will die…