Yet another Big Buck Bunny Sighting

1/2 way down on this review of a new device from Creative, they show that it can play 1080 video. Hey…those guys look familiar.

Since BBB files are “open” - within reason, expect to see more of this outstanding piece. In fact I also will use the BBB models.

They do look familiar… They resemble my cousins from Arkansas.

DOUBLe Post Frosted Flakes.

~double post~

Its more of a way of staying out of trouble, since BBB is an open movie.
Not really an indicator of its popularity

An example of how the Zii EGG, once connected to a full HDTV, displays its HD video at the maximum 1080p resolution. Incidentally, the video shown to us was a 720p clip, but it was upscaled to the 1080p resolution as seen on the TV, by the Zii EGG.
Made me laugh has buck as their spokesperson for 1.0.1