Yet Another Blank Render...

I have a 3d logo I’m trying to render, but it’s… blank. I tried to upload my .blend file to, but it says ‘file could not be moved’… so, I can’t even get that far. Yes, I’m completely new and know nothing. I was able to follow a couple of tutorials, but I couldn’t find much about getting the log to render. There seems to be thousands of options…

You need to supply a link to a demo blend file that shows the effect.
Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive etc etc, there are many options to supply a download file.

Thanks for the reply! This is in my public dropbox folder.

Select Camera in Outliner and hit Ctrl-0 (zero on numpad) in 3d view or use View - Cameras- Set Active Obj as Camera.
You have Curve playing Camera role right now.