Yet ANOTHER Blender Render from me.

Yes, here is my 3rd WIP in 3 days. I did 3 to see which one I would like the best and this is by far the best that I have done so far. I am trying to get it to be as photo-realistic as possible and I think that the wine glasses and the wine bottle’s glass textures really help (Thanx to the Material Lab thing that someone gave me in the Blender General forum). I still have to add a window after I learn about using curves but I think I am getting pretty good for just 3 days of using the program =P.

P.S: Gonna try to use YafRay for the final render if it doesn’t crash my PC like usual…


Interesting but empty I would like to see a painting in the background, or a rug under the table.

Wow, thats exactly what I was thinking while I was putting this together. I don’t know why I didn’t add them but Ill get to that right away.

lol great minds think alike. :wink:

Here’s a little update, the modelling sucks but once I get used to Blender’s modelling (I came from Second Life >_<), I will start to get a little better. Added a window, a spill from the other glass, curtains (Using softbodies, but they dont look too great) and messed around with the lighting a bit (Which still needs work).


Alright its improving, but you have some kinks to work out. The wine looks like blood, now if that’s your intention possibly add a few flies sucking the blood, and hovering around it. This is assuming that the wine is blood and blood symbolizes death. Flies hover around dead creatures, and it would give your image a really dark feel to it which might be cool. Now blood could also be life as well although I’m not sure how to go about that. To me spilled blood=death. Anyway the background could use some osa and better lighting. IT also appears that everything is centered. Which isn’t very strong compostionally. I would move the back window a tad to the right. I think you should have a fork or spoon between the wine class and class to complete the triangle composition you have going on there. The table could use some sort of cloth as well as a cikirthat would play off of the wine and glass color. Perhaps a navy blue table cloth, with a darker stain where the wine is spilled. You could probably vert paint the stain on there.

Thats what I was thinking. Do you have yayfray?

ok, so. the main thing i have here is actually two things

{1} the wine looks very little like wine (i mean the spilled wine) the shape is fine, but i would change the texture to be more transparent, maybe increase the hardness a little?

{2} the wine bottle: maybe give it a little bit of alpha, so you can get some light shining through it.