Yet another boat

This is my first real Blender project. Just a test render; I think the textures need some more work.

All comments are welcome.


Add some water and enviroment, or this boat looks ind of old. I would put it in the middle of a desert and make it look like there once was a lake.

Here’s an update on the boat; some adjustment on the texture and tipped it slightly over. This may not seem like much of a picture, but it’s for a photomontage I am making - I couldn’t get a photo of a boat, so I made it in Blender.

Here it is.

The small picture is just to show the shape better.

Thanks for the comment about adding some environment; normally that would be a good thing to do, but I just need the boat like this, to put it into the rest of the montage.


very fine texturing and modelling.

However the width-height ratio seems odd. Such a boat would be not very stable. The height seem normal for the length so I would diden it

You would also need bigger interior frames and some fittings at least for the rows and the rowing plank

Yes, it’s a tall boat. Also, I am guessing that the water line would be a bit higher?