Yet another car. Critiques really welcome

So I posted this in final projects, and some “expert” (who seems to be more of an asshole) suggested it’s not right. I really welcome critiques. Rip into it. In the other guy’s case, what I don’t appreciate is critique without reason. I don’t mind someone saying it sucks, as long as they explain why. I’m trying to learn. I thought I had it right this time.

BMW M2i concept. Let me stress that this is not an actual car in real life. Only a variation of an existing one I took liberties with.


looks great
in fact i would say its a photo

thank you brother

Well technically there is nothing wrong with it. Lighting is ok, materials ore ok, modelling is fine (if all the surface curvatures are exactly how you wanted) and renders show the car decently. Is it the best car render I saw? No. But it is above average - it is the standard car render that there are many on the internet and it is executed rather well enough.

I see a problem in the car design though. That is a subjective matter and you will have to sample large audience to see if this design is successful or not. Maybe it’s only me, but I don’t like the car design at all. The reason why is mostly because of the front of the car, it looks like if it was in a crash against a wall. This feeling is probably also caused by a lot of surface bumps and that every element in the front looks somehow deformed or misplaced (there is too much space between the mask ovals). Maybe it doesn’t look like a crashed front, but better description is like it is melting. From the back and side the car looks fine.

If you are going for a BMW it is missing some critical things. You have completely removed the two characteristic BMW design features, the twin kidney grill and the Hofmeister kink (look it up). The front of the car and the rear don’t flow very well either. The front of the body also seems to be squashed and has some very bumpy modelling that just doesn’t look right.
Don’t get me wrong, you have a car that could be very nice, it just needs some work put into it to transform it from an average model to a good model

The grill looks like a pigs nose :smiley: sorry, really good work, dont get me wrong, that was just my very first impression.

Hi, like some have already stated this is a realy nice car and render! I wish I could model cars like you have done here! realy well done, however to add my own thought I think the rims are way to deep. Maybe thats intended, But it doesnt fall into my taste. But like I said, realy nice car and congratulations on creating this fine model! Keep it up!

Beautiful piece … superb !

Just a doubt is that surfacing finished or under WIP?

how much time you spend on making model
how much time you spent on material and render

could be a guidance for me !

I really like the design of the rear of the car, but the front looks like it got a ton of plastic surgery. In my opinion you should make the front of the car look like a Nissan 240sx with popup headlights. I think it fits more with the style of the rear of the car.

THIS is no bmw. sorry to say it, but they wont change the grill midsection into bulleyes like you did.

  • bmws are more edgy. the engine hood is ok, rest is too spherical.
  • the taillights are totally american. i would never expect such a trivial design on a german car (except maybe a volkswagen)