Yet Another CG Girl (Hair tutorial update page 3 & 4)

A common subject, I admit. %|

Anyway, here she is so far.

Obviously not aiming for realism. But of course that’s no excuse! If you see something wrong, let me know. :slight_smile:

Right now there are no textures except the hair. After I finish her body, then I’ll start texturing.

augh I just noticed I forgot the eyebrows. hahaha.

how did you make hair,from what mesh???from pyton sricpt???good work,i still dont know how to make hair fur,is here some tutorial how to make hair???

nice work, nate. really nice hair. you should try making it a softbody and throwing in some wind and see what happens. probably would be weird, but you never know.

Very nice! :smiley:

The hair looks very good. I like how you handled it. Hair is what usually tends to ruin a CG character if not done properly.
The modelling is great. I especially like that you took that extra step with the eyes, to model the iris, instead of just using a ball and slapping on a texture.
Catches the highlight very nice.

Looks like a character from an animated intro for a game.

wicked! looks very anime styleze, hair is solidly styled and textures, eyes look great and mesh is cool (maybe just a bit more emit? i found it works great to diffuse a mesh and show less bumps). heh, i think every character i do i get halfway through wips and go ‘OOPS eyebrows!’ -_-

going to be finishing her or is this just a portrait project?

:o Beautiful model.
I think the chin is a bit pointy.
ps: I hope to see more pictures.

She looks great NateTG. As LohnC said, the hair texture and style is perfect.

Are you going to di a UV mapped skin texture, or some sort of procedural texture?


wow, really nice, now you just have to put some damn work on the skin to not waste the awesome work you made on the hairs. Good luck :slight_smile:

I recommend lowering her eyes just a bit, perhaps 1/2 to 1 eyeheight down, and bringing them out a tiny bit.
she looks great , btw. fab job on that hair, it’s pretty and perfect.

Really nice modeling and excellent job on the hair!

The only critique I have is that her forehead look really small. I think it’s because her hair start too “low” on her forehead ( in general the space between the nose and the eyebrows() is almost the same as the height of the space between the eyebrows() and where the hair starts. But here her forehead is much smaller)

(*) --> understand “where the eyebrows should be” :wink:

Thanks for all the comments guys.

To answer some questions/comments:

jurica: The hair is several texture mapped meshes. If you look in LohnC’s post “The New Shinobi”, the technique is similar. The important things when doing long hair, is (1) UV map the meshes BEFORE you arrange them into hair :wink: (2) Be sure that the meshes don’t intersect eachother… You want them to be layered and intersect rarely. The layering adds the illusion of volume. And intersections just look ugly. 8)

modron: Yes, I was planning to do some experimenting with softbodies.

ChojinDSL: Thank you. The hair took me almost as long as the rest of the face.

LohnC: Hey, thanks for the compliments :expressionless: I have to admit that it was your Shinobi post that inspired me to actually do some blendering and ended a rather long blender block. Thanks for that too.

Giangmatrix: Thanks for the compliment :-|. I hope to see more pictures too :wink:

BgDM: I have seen very few procedural skin textures that I like. I am fairly certain that I will UV map mine.

-efbie-: Way to put the pressure on. :x :wink:

silkdigit, Rore: Thanks for the tips… I’ll take a look at that when I get home from work.


Very well done hair! That said, I’ll probably catch h#@l for this now, but in the second picture, it looks like she has a goose egg and its pushing her hair up, and like there’s an invisible sword poking up through that area, causing the hair to part right there. Can you see it? Maybe its just me.

Again, truly well done hair! Love the chopsticks, pixar eyes and what I can see of the robe looks nice. Yeah, the eyes look sunken, I think, but great job on the head!

Looking forward to seeing your progress,

Rachael from “Friends” ?

awsome image :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :o except for some irregularities but good neither the less
1 Question HOW THE F%^% DID YOU DO THE HAIR!!!

i have looked all over the place for good hair, most youy have to pay for, none for blender :< :< so Pleeeeese post a tutorial somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks

great job there, the lighting is perfect, the nose might need some help …maybe. but its a pretty good modeling, the hair is …lets just say "P"erfect.

For me though I liked the eyes, those are so real, and maybe thats why it seems as tho she’l make em turn and look at u.

yes realy excelent.
I love it.
Good job.

very nice Nate,

you love this hair color dont you :wink:

No, its not just you. I saw it too, and I think I’ve fixed it now. (Assuming we were seeing the same thing).

I didn’t do anything extraordinarily unusual. Except maybe spend the extra time thats necessary to make it look good. But, since it seems to be a common request, maybe I will write a short tutorial soon. For now:
(the render is not the same angle as the wire, sorry)

And the texture I made for alpha: (sorry, I would offer the full res. version for download, but I am hosting off Alltaken’s server and I feel bad sucking up bandwidth. However, it is VERY easy to make in Photoshop. First, I made a single hair strand. Then I defined a brush, and using brush dynamics (size, scattering, angle), it only took two or three strokes to make the texture.)

HAHA, yes I noticed that once I posted it and saw it next to my avatar too. I was wondering if anyone else would notice. It was totally subconscious, but I guess I DO. :wink:

Common yes, but rarely done as well as this. I think its absolutely fab. Good work NateTG.


Glad I wasn’t seeing things and that I could help. I don’t see it in the new pic, so I guess its fixed; really looks awsome, dude!

So, the plates are basicly “U” shaped in cross-section? If so, I think that’s how Greybeard modeled his in one of his models and it looks fantastic. I’m particularly interested in how you shaped the bun, though I have a pretty good idea now from this new pic., but if you could find the time for a back shot, I’d be most grateful and would volunteer to take this girl off your hands for a while :wink:

Great work!
edit I’ve always heard it said that a good artist can make a lousy mesh look great. Now we see (again) what a good artist can do with a good mesh!