Yet another child of Frankenstein

(Dimetrii) #1

I’m done with this character at last. Started half a year ago, but was constantly switching to other projects, leaving no time for this one. Now there is time , and here’s the result.

(EnV) #2

This. Is. Amazing. Period. 5 stars. Period again. :slight_smile:

(Ride the flow) #3

O_o, I’m blown away. Every details is just amazing. Five star for me !!!

(Bernardo) #4

this is great!! Really really well done, congratulations! I like every bit of it!

Please share with us some more info about the workflow you used!! :slight_smile:

5 stars

(kfir) #5

Super Amazing!!! 5*
Would love to hear just a general overview of the workflow and see wireframes :slight_smile:

(LiquidApe) #6

Wow - that skin is really impressive - almost photo real. I had to really stare to evaluate if it was a photo with CG scars or all CG!

(Dimetrii) #7

Thanks, guys!

Concept sculpting (dynotopo).
Modeling and retopoly.
Sculpting details in zbrush.
Lighting and render (cycles)
Hair particle system

LiquidApe: I have not used photo textures. all 3d.

(Bernardo) #8

Thanks a lot for sharing! What did you use to paint textures?

(DomenicoAcito) #9

It is amazing. o.o Good work, really!

(Dimetrii) #10

Bernardo: For paint textures i use zbrush polypaint and blender paint textures.

(Bernardo) #11

thanks for the info and once again congrats for the awesome image! :slight_smile:

(Ranquin) #12

Love it. Love it.

(kfir) #13

Awesome! Thank you for sharing! You make it Look very clean and simple. Pleasure for the eyes! :slight_smile:

(dantefrizzoli) #14

I love how realistic this is! Great job!

(comeinandburn) #15

this is incredible!

top row now:)

(MmAaXx) #16


(Monkibase) #17

What a nice jentleman! Really like him!

(Pierrick PICAUT) #18

I think it’s one of the most amazing character, even simple, I’ve ever seen.
No overwhelming elemnt, just fine design and unbelievable sharpnes in the details.

(sick) #19

Brilliant work, Dimetrii! This is crazy good. :slight_smile:

(otsoa) #20

Nice work, He need more specular or reflect maybe.