Yet another chroma key.

This clip is a part of a short movie. Total length of the movie will be around 10 minutes.

This clip is a quick test of the Blender chroma keying. It also includes lighting with normals and some color correction. Live footage is “only” dv-quality. The final version will have HD quality live footage.
Total render time of this clip was around 2h. It has no oversampling or ray tracing. Also the shadows are missing and the floor is flickering (missing osa?). Hopefully the final version will be ready within the next two weeks. This is basically a proof of concept (for myself) about Blender’s composition. Be gentle, I’m just learning it :).

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thats really good!

lol it reminds me of the part in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is going after Vader down that circular chute thing… right after their first saber battle in the carbon freezing room…

well enough randomness outta me

looks great!

if you only knew the power of the dark side.

Impressive …(mumbles under breathe to sound less dorky… most impressive) I think this is damn cool I hope you sort out that flickering. Also take a look at cinepaint when the time comes your going to need to do some merging between the real and the modeled and maybe cinepaint will make that easier for you. cinepaints a free gimp off shoot.

Okay, so theres no need for try to keep out the fact that this shortie takes place at Star Wars locations. I did not realize the amount of nerds here :D. Oh by the way, that is the Millenium Falcon were talking about in this clip :).

I think I’ve solved the flickering. I’ve also looked into Cinepaint but I need to get into it more, if I decide to use it. I’ve got a frend (part of this project) who is a wizard with AE, so the final merging between live and animation will be completed in AE. And I did hear about a DVD-release…

The borders are way too blurry.

What borders are you referring to?

I think the glow effect might be too much. That gives some blurrines. And YouTube encoding might be the other one. I’ll try to upload a new version tonight.

Whoever’s in the movie, the transition between them and the backdrop–their borders–are really fuzzy, and it isn’t youtube cause all the rest of the stuff is reasonably clear.

Oh that. I know it. It’s the best from that footage with the least amount of work. As I earlier told, the footage in the final version will be full HD quality. Actually I do have the HD in my computer, but I dont have Canopus codec to open it. So I’ll have to go with the DV.

I know it could be better, if I’d just tweak the settings. But that would be a little too much work at the moment.

wow all you need to do is add some really nice sound and you have ourself the next alien vs predator movie lol nice work piece

Hi there,
I recently put together a Chromakey setup that makes great mattes and fine tunes edges- even does highlights. The blend file and the text instructions can be found here:

The password is “Bridges”
I hope it works for you…