Yet another cloud test

YACT - might be usefull for the future, kinda came up with this while playing around.

rendered 1 fps at 320x240

fairly simple halo material, not realistic tho

could be used for very far away shots of clouds that still need to be animated…or…stuff.

Try this Cloud Generator python script

Nimbus Cloud Generator

well yeah, its nice, but the point is its like the volumetric clouds someone posted here some time ago, its basically very slow to render.

or at last slow if you want it to look “realistic” and smooth, because of using planes and/or particles, i didnt use any particles, just a halo on a sphere.

my goal is to generate “simple” though fake volumetric clouds only with materials, since this way it would save up lots of time in rendering.

now im sure there are more ways of creating highly believable volumetric clouds, with nice shading and detail, but none of them render at 1fps :wink: