Yet Another Command Line Render Question

Does OS X have a shell? If no shell, then no command line…

of course it does. os X is an X server (kindof) with Aqua as the “window manager”/gui running on top of a modified BSD kernel. Terminal is vital to many OSXers. But the binary version of blender is an app (.app is a special folder type), and I can’t figure out how to actually run the compiled version of blender from the terminal from within this app folder. I mean I can start the program, but I don’t have access to the regular terminal options (like -h, -b etc).

What I mean is you must have access to a windows-like shell to run an executable. Are there any Mac programs like that?

Did macs ever get more than one mouse key?
yes. mighty mouse has 4 programmable buttons.
windows-like? eewwwwww!
a real terminal/bash shell, yes!
Don’t ask me any more apple questions. They have an awesome website.

LOL, let’s not start that…

So, you’re probably missing a switch or something

It would be good if someone who knew what they were doing (otherwise I’d do it myself) could write this up for any relevant OS’s and submit it for the Blenderart #3 - Rendering special.

Any takers? This little-known feature (well to me anyway) is pure gold.

I wish I had the time, but the deadline coincides with a conference! Whoever does it, it would be nice to mention that command line is a great tool to use with Windows Remote Desktop (maybe so in other OS’s, I don’t know). Blender doesn’t work well with remote desktop because of the OpenGL. I start 2 to 4 command line instances (depending on complexity) on one or more remote computers while I model or render on my main computer. Multiple instances seem to utilize the CPU better, but I don’t have any proof of this. To me, this method is better than a render farm since I can do whatever I want on the computer.

I finally figured out the command line rendering from OS X.
From the terminal:
Navigate into the application contents folder


Then run ./blender -b, or whatever switch you want.

This is looking like the topic for a whole article rather than just a tip, seems this command linie rendering is quite powerful…another Blender dark horse :wink:

It could be a tip or an article, depending on how detailed you get. It also sounds like it might be an article from several authors. I couldn’t address command line use with Mac or Linux.