Yet another cup-scene!

Yet another cup-scene!
Just blow me with your c&c!

Why not AO rather than the composite skydome?

The mask looks too sharply defined to be water, and has no translucency.

The cups look too unspecular to be plastic and too regular to be paper.

Horrid shadows from the multiple lights.

You can do better


on top of what alicopey said there should be remnants of water in the cup as well…if that is where the water came from. Update soon as I really like the concept. Is the face a seperate object? maybe try to model the face coming off of the water in the same object.

I like the cups a lot, they look like clay. :slight_smile:

As the others have said, the water lacks transparency, and there needs to be remnants of water on the inside of the cup. (Or a wet spot, if it is clay.) The faked skydome gives it a really nice smooth look, but it needs more spotlights (in order to look more like real AO).

It’s not bad so far, but I agree with the others the lighting setup needs changing as the mutiple shadows falling on the objects just seems unrealistic. It might be an idea to make the mask merge and flow into the liquid round the base instead of having a sharper line. Lemmy has a good point too about some left over water in the cups.

The cups and the mask are nicely modelled, it’s just the lighting giving the problems.

Keep at it !

Levi :wink:

Maybe it’s jsut me but the mask is bugging me. This is just my opinion, but i think it would look better if you gave it a forehead and melted it to the table. Maybe adding some goo around the edges where it connects to the table and in the mouth and eyes.

Just my 2 cents,