Yet another distributed Rendering Project

Well, I have a new 1.42Ghz Mac Mini with 1GB of Ram on order and a copy of OS X 10.4 that according to UPS should be here today or tomorrow.

Next week the cable people are coming to connect the Cable Modem in my condo (currently have DSL but switching to a total phone/TV/ Commerical HSI account).

So finally after months of toying with the idea I can finally announce that the project will start on the 28th of Jan.

Website will be:

Current Temporary Home:

Unlike the Bionic Project, this will be based off of Apple’s Xgrid technology. Those of you with Linux/BSD, you are in luck: program you can down load and use the system Windows users, there is another sourceforge project: http://www.sourceforge.nt/xgridagent-java written in Java that should allow you all to connect and use the grid to render project.

Of course now I need all your help. That is people willing to connect and use their spare horse power to render projects.

Also, I will be selling some Planetary texture maps I’ve created through the years for like $5 for 10 1600x800 texture maps and a CD-Rom through CafePress with over 100 such texture maps for $30. I want to use this money to help pay for bandwidth costs (which will happen) and hopefully raise about $8500 to purchase a couple AMD64 boxes to use a full time rendering agents.

The system will be free to use. If you want to set up a private grid for you and your friends to use (ie you want to be greedy or have a project you don’t want others to see, or people want to donate to a particular Open Movie project) I will be able to set up a system. I will just ask for a $15 “donation” through pay pal.

I hope that this project will bring some benefit to the community.