Yet Another Dragon WIP

Hey everybody.

Some people around the forum have been modeling dragons, that got me inspired. This is my first complex model; I’ve done simple stuff like swords before, but never anything biological.


-Body shape needs work.

-Feet need work.

-Pretty happy w/ head. Those wing things on the head will be at a graceful angle once it’s rigged and posed (I know they look a little weird now.)

That’s about it… Comments and crits werlcome[/img]

i like it human legs chicken feet and massive wings
i think you have some proportion issues the heads to small wings to big and the necks to long other than that great work

haha, yet anather dragon, but this time a pretty good one :smiley:

the top view shows the body looking really good but for my opinion (I know you like the little wings) the little wings on the head should’be removed. It is just too weird to see those little wings on the sides of it’s head.

really good work besides that, the feet and tail are good too

second that. the little wings on the head look rather off. the ratios are off too: too big wings and tail compared to head. and you are missing the wing-bones. looking at the first render i though first this is a Concorde with legs :o .
otherwise a nice start.

Actually the head and neck are fairly well in proportion with with the body… They just look really small in the top view b/c of the huge wings… The wing size is a design decision, I might shrink them a little, but I think that the wings in most dragon art are unrealistically small (in relation to body size.) I am trying to make realistic wings in terms of gliding, riding thermals,and the like.

Here’s a ortho pic w/o the wings to show proportion.

cough cough… i do my personal studies (although part time) about dragon physics and thus i can tell you that neither small nor large wings are correct, they need to be of the right size. and if you wanna model a realistic dragon in terms of physics i’m sorry to tell you that there proportions are rather off.

Dragon physics eh?
Well… I hope you having a good time trying to apply scientific principles to a highly stylistic fantastical creature; one that is entirely open to the interpretation of any that want to try their hand at it.

Also the optimum size of a creature’s wings is affected by body composition (density etc.) Hence it is rather presumptuous to assuredly state “in terms of physics i’m sorry to tell you that there proportions are rather off.” Not to say I won’t shrink the wings, it depends on how easily the current version will be able to be worked into a walk cycle.

Well anyway… here’s an update on the feet… I was going for a configuration similar to the talons of a bird of prey. The first stab missed the mark, these are a lot closer to where I want them, but still require some tweaking; The palm area in particular.[/b]

Spoticus, i didn’t wanted to ‘sit on your back’ or piss you off but you wrote the following:
I am trying to make realistic wings in terms of gliding, riding thermals,and the like.

now i answered to this statement with what i said above. what i mean with dragon physics is the physics involved in a passivly flying animal (as this is what a dragon does), which includes aerodynamics and biomechanics. what i did is researching how an animal has to be build to achieve this kind of flight behaviour like you wish for. and in this situation wing size does not solely depend on body mass (that’s what you meant with density in the end). also included in there are the shape of the animal, the wing muscle properties (a big constraint many do not know) and the wing shape (not every wing form is suited for passive flight).

thus my statement about properties beeing off takes into account all those things. i do not tell you that you can not make your dragon like you want, i just answered what does not work out if you insist on the prerequesite you mentioned. i hope you understand what i tried to tell you.

BTW: the talons look nice. perhaps moving the back-toe a bit back but that depends on your taste.