Yet Another Face :-)

This is my very first face thanx to the video tut by MR Bomb

well heres my progress.pls be nice,it’s my first :wink:


It looks great to me!! I am trying the same thing at the moment so would love to see the mesh you used in wire view…

.here’s the wire.


Sorry to be a pain but can I/we have a side view too to get some persepective?

It’s looking great in terms of a clean mesh from what I know…

OOp’s i forgot that one :wink:
here ya go.
I hope you can see it well.


It’s actually not ‘side on’ but seems like a good start to me. Keep that quality up and the head you make will look cool. After my own problems, I would suggest making the head now before you add futher face detail.

Good luck mate!

Thats an exellent idea,ill work on the head now.
I’m glad to hear you like it thanx. :slight_smile:

Well here’s a small update,i’m going to attempt to work on the ears but i’m not sure how to start it.
Can anyone point me to an ear tut?
Thanx in advance :slight_smile:


Looking great so far with a nice clean mesh too, keep it up! :slight_smile: The only crit I can suggest (unless you intended it) is maybe widen the face a tad, it just looks a bit thin imo…

From Daniel

Thanx Daniel i’l work on widening the face a bit.
I noticed that when i tried to put eyes on her last night and noticed that the outside corners of the eye lids were to far back as well.

Thanx again.

I was right about it looking cool!

When you get the chance, could you post a wire of the side view? I am trying to do my own head at the moment and find it very useful to see other people’s approach - and your’s is clearly a good one.

Thanx for the compliment cannontrodder :expressionless:

Here’s the wires you asked for.


It’s an excellt looking head and a nice clean mesh. It is a good example of how it is possiblt to achieve a good level of proportion and detail wiothout lots of loops and faces.

I would suggest the whole face may be a little narrow (happens a lot when modelled in ortho view then rendered in perspective. Changing camera to 50mm-75mm can somethimes help) and that the top of the head may be a little small (eyes should be half way between top and chin). Are you tracing a photo/drawing or are you just wingining it?

That nose is terrific, it has a “realness” about it.

I agree, nice nose mine normally turn out like what a nose would look like if it were computer generated and not what a nose really looks like. :wink:

Thanx AndyD
I am following a refrence pic.It’s the same one used in MrBombs face tutorial.

This is what she looks like,I could’nt resist %| It’s my first UV.not a great one i know,but i thought i’d play around a bit.I only UV’d the face, I’l see if i could do something about the side of the head.

Thanx again AndyD.


Well i’m back.
No real update but a facial expression test.My first actually.

I used the Shape Key Mod ,it’s so easy to do.I’m also interested in using Widgets but not sure how to use it but this will do for now.
I know my test is not perfect but it’s only a test.

Thanx in advance.