Yet Another Falling Blocks Animation

Learning a little of the game engine and physics… the result was this short animation (17 seconds, 2.4MB Xvid avi).

Falling Blocks animation

Ambient Occlusion with HDRI and area light for illumination.
Some post pro in jahshaka (just motion blur), I tried the vector blur but didn’t get good results, and the internal mblur is too slow.

Thanks for viewing, C&C are Welcome.


That was a good one! How do you make that ´stop´effect(0.09-0.10sec)?

That’s great! :slight_smile: There is a brick or two that fly up towards the end and you don’t get to see them come back down. One in particular looks out of place.

Agreed, that “Matrix styled” stop effect was pretty nice. How’d you do that?