Yet another first head model for you guys

Not much to say about it, really… I was worried that I was imagining it looked good yesterday, since I was working so hard on it. It still looks pretty good to me today, though, so that’s got to be a good sign.

[EDIT] just fixed a couple of spelling and gramar mistakes I missed when I posted


lol yeah, I do that. I will work hard on something then the next day I come back and think ‘ohh mann, that’s horrrribble’ lol. So yeah, it’s a great sign you still like it too :wink:

The proportions on the face are looking nice, but watch the top of the head there, It’s a touch too tall. Good start though! Look forward to seeing more!


I shortened the head quite a bit, though it looks like it might still be a touch too tall. I also cleaned up around the mouth and nose, getting rid of a few superfluous polygons at the corner of the mouth, and moving the triangle at the front of the cheek up between the nose and eye, where it’s quite a bit smaller and more out of the way (I can’t seem to get rid of the blasted thing without creating more of them)


I liked the longer look from the side, but I like this later look from the front. Something from the side doesn’t look right. I think it slopes in too quickly. Don’t know?

probably something to do with the hole that’s left for the ear. Subsurf does strange things with edges. I’ll make some sort of filler piece and see how it looks then.

Too lazy to do an ear now, especially since I’m still messing with the proportions a bit, so I just filled it in. I agree that the head was sloping funny. I think I’ve got it fixed now, though. I also split the mesh to give it seperate lips, and messed with the nose a little bit. It still looks a little bit off, but I have no idea why. Too thin? Too wide? I really can’t tell anymore. Any new comments are always appreciated

In each image, from left. to right, there is: merged with wire overlay, unmerged with 1/2 wire overlay, and merged with no wire overlay.


Hi i was passing threw the forums and came apon your head, and its not bad for a first time, but there are some problems the first being the nose is pushed in to the head to need you need to most it out right now it looks like his nose was pushed in to his head with a brick, the other thing about your nost is it has no nostrils really in order to form a good nose you need in edge loop that starts at the base of the nose and like in upside down U, the other thing is the bottum of your eye socket the part that forms the eye lid is pulled out to far you need to move it back some, the other thing was the chin he doest really have one looks almost like his head runs in to his neck you need to define it and the jaw line more i would say pull the chin out about another half inch, the other thing is your nose is to pointy makes i would say pull the end of the nost in abit and widen the next set of verts over so make it shorter and widen it at the next to the last vert point not to much or you will get a boxer look. anyway these are just my comments and if you take offence to any of these crits i oh apoligise but i only crit harsh if i think the person can do better :wink: anyway keep at it man :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t get back until today, I forgot to grab the .blend to my USB stick, so I didn’t have it again until today. I’ll see what I can do with it.

I agree that your model is good for a first try at modelling the head.
The edge-loops on your model need some work, however. Good edge-loops will give you proper deformation and topology flow, not to mention better unwrapping for UV texturing. Even if you are not going to animate your model, learning good edge-loop habits will make modelling much easier further down the road when you want to model really complex things.
Check out what seems to be the bible on face tutorials around here:
A Better Face Tutorial. It should give a good idea on how to use edge-loops. Also, when you have time, @ndy gave us a great modelling video that I learned quite a bit from, it might help you as well…
Happy Blending!

I can see the spots you mean, I think… On the top of the head, the cheek, and near where the chin blends into the neck, there are quads kind of popping in along edges. (-<>- type thing) any other areas with that sort of thing that you see, or any other edge-loop issues?

I missed that tutorial, somehow. It’s more or less what I tried to do, but I clearly didn’t quite get it right. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. I’m going to try fix this model, if only for the experience. It can’t possibly be that far gone…