Yet another "first head" post

Here is a head project that I have been working on for a week or so now.

C and C please!

i can see you’ve been working with box modeling, i don’t think it’s the prefered way of modling organics. try looking at Torq Tutrial

it’s really helpful, after you have the basic skills of blenders.
if it’s too much for you, try the watch all the video tutrials first.

keep up the good work, and keep blendering.


funny head but depend on the style you want you need certainly tweak and refine the shape …

Box modeling is not that bad for organic for a final subD model…it’s quick way to established basic shape and have a pretty good idea about volume…then after it’s all matter of tweaking and cutting … :slight_smile:

Fruch: Thank you for the link to that tutorial. I will definitely try that the next time I model a head.

Giyomu: I am going for a kind of funny look with him. I still need to refine him a bit though I know.

Also, I am having a minor problem. When I set smooth with him, in the editing window it has weird dark lines running through his head, but when I render they are gone. How do I get rid of these?

Hi ClumsyBoy, I’m a noob at blender too but i’ve just bought a blender book “The Official BLENDER 2.3 GUIDE: Free 3d creation suite for modeling, animation, and rendering”. so right now i’m following some of the first project in the book and it had remarked on this kind of problem.

Notes: “Gus” is a name of a gingerbread man being modelled in this project. and despite it being based on older blender, it still work in this area as well on the newer one.

“To make Gus look smooth, press the SETSMOOTH button in figure 16. Gus will now appear smooth but with a funny black lines in his middle (figure 17, middle). These lines appear because the SubSurfed finer mesh is computed using information about the coarse mesh normal direction, which may not be self consistent, that is, some face normals might point outward, some inward, if extrusions and flippings have been made. To reset the normals, switch back to Edit Mode (TAB), select all vertices (AKEY), and press CTRL-N. Click with LMB “(left mouse button)” on the RECALC NORMALS OUTSIDE box which appears.”

BTW i kinda like the way the lines is on your head. maybe you could come up with some kind of cyborg look with it.

Ah! Thank you nerddragon. It worked!

you’re welcome. could you at least post a pic in similar mode as the one with the lines so the other blender user could see the differences (at least for the noobie user). it would be a good help for them to understand just how much it change and whatnot.

I apologize :slight_smile: Here ya go.

Time for ears now.

thanks for the pic. it do looks alot better.