Yet another fluid simulation
The simulation took awhile to bake (512 megabytes of ram and 3.40ghz dual-core Pentium D), probably about a little short of an hour, but it was worth it at 140 resolution. And that was only using less than half of my ram, so I will probably run an even higher resolution test, probably with the same material and lighting. :smiley:
Anyway, I thought that if anyone liked it enough, they might like the .blend file,
so here it is below.


have you tried it with an obstacles?

Do you mean this particular simulation, or doing obstacle simulations in the fluid simulator in general?

wow, i didnt know that blender fluids are that realistic at calculations…

I can’t play the movie. What codec are you using?

Durand: Yes, the fluid simulator can do very complex simulations, mind that you have plenty of ram for higher resolution.

LazyCoder: I use a very good free codec called Xvid.

I can never get the liquid to actually look like water…including the texture and physics… You’ve done a really good job there. I’m going to see how well it interfaces with obstacles…

BTW, I have a 2.8ghz dual core pentium D with 1gb of ram, would that be faster or slower…In other words, is it the RAM or the Processor Speed that is most important?

To be honest, I’m not sure. I think it does ram and processor power…
though the ram amount required for the bake increases with more

To be honest, I’m not sure. I think it does ram and processor power…
though the ram amount required for the bake increases with more
resolution. I’m glad you liked it.

Great… accidental double-post…

heh, by the way, do you know if it can mix liquids together? And more specificaly, colours?

As far as I know, you can only do one kind of fluid (probably same with colors)
at the moment. It would be cool to have oil mix with fluid though! (maybe in the future? :D)
If you have any more questions, maybe you should check out the Blender wiki page
on fluid simulation.

I guessed that would be the case, the last time I tried doing something similar, it just used one colour…

I did a 2nd simulation (quite similar to the first) at resolution 170.
Though, the first splash causes another really big one that seems too big.
Fluid resolution: 170
Bake time: Probably about 3 & 1/2 hours or so.
Render time: A couple minutes (each frame renders in about 3.7 seconds)
Real-world size: 3 meters (A little more than 9 feet)
Surface smoothing: 1.6

Enjoy! (Who knows… I may do another simulation tomorrow at an even
higher resolution… :D)

Edit: I just realized the 2nd simulation has a plane of water in it… unlike the first simulation.

looks pretty cool…BTW, in the first one, it seems like there is only one object, the domain, which seems to morph from a sphere into the cube, am I missing something? Cos I thought that you need a fluid object and also a domain object…Oh and I’m trying to make a sort of water canal, but the water seems to be very clumpy and more like sludge than water…This is using the water preset as well…the other thing is that for some really strange reason, it manages to defy gravity and some water manages to fly over the canal wall…

Anyway, Ill attach the blend file here but it probably won’t be very useful…
Oh and sorry about the layout of the blend file, its for a dual screen setup :open_mouth:

Very nice. I love the velvety material, I can almost feel it.:slight_smile: Why not try something a little more creative than fluid dropping in a cube? (A fountain for instance.):wink:

Durand, you may want to check out my fluid sim video tutorial.

Thanks LOTR Junkie, I’m watching it now :slight_smile:

LOTR Junkie, great tutorial! Really helped clarifying some details.

PS: You might want to enable viewport naming in blender’s preferences, it would help people watching it. Somewhere in the middle of the video, you switched viewports without saying so and it kinda confused me. Other than that, good job and thanks for linking it to me :slight_smile:

Lord of the Rings Junkie: Thanks. I’ll do some more interesting simulations once my
Indigo render is done.