Yet another free gun model

I thought I’d join the trend, and hopefully contribute to the community in a small way at the same time. I made this model mainly to practise texturing, and also to go through the workflow of creating a game model from start to finish. Hopefully it will be useful in some of your games.

It’s all nice and wrapped up in the .blend file, and there’s a bit more information on the BlendSwap page. It has a diffuse, specular and normal map, 4 Levels of Detail and a basic rig. Highest Detail model has 1283 triangles.

download it here!
The license is CC by-attribution.

Hopefully you guys can find some use for this model
Happy Blendin’

i Might just use this for some game tests and such even though its gotta a little to many pollys… :slight_smile: i really like it and the last time i tried to make my own gun model or any model i keep geeting stuck when using normals lol i mean half the faces are missing when i press p and i press ctrl n to do the outside thing with them but it never works and i tried doing it myself but most of the time 1 side of the model is fine the other is missing because it only always me to do it one way or another.:rolleyes:

sooooo thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid gun model. Modeling is good, textures are great.


If it’s a bit high polycount, the other layers of the .blend file contain models with various details. The model on Layer 2 has about 800 tris, it’s still detailed and the polycount is low enough to use effectively in BGE.