Yet another Gibson les Paul guitar

Sup blenderartists?
I’m new to blender and new in this forum.
here is my new and first project in blender 2.5a.
It’s a guitar.
I’m pretty happy with the modelling, but I’m having trouble solving some problems:

  1. How do I texture the volume “things”? they’re transparent plastic on the outer side and in the inner side they have some numbers printed on it. look at my renders, they look like…like…don’t know…ufos or something.
  2. I’m having trouble rendering the chrome parts. the material is a default material with mirror to 0.8. could it be the light? it’s only one “Sun” light. what am I doing wrong?
  3. I never textured an object in blender. I think I should use uv mapping but I didn’t find any good tutorial for the 2.5. Do you know how I could learn that?
  4. the only reflection map I could find is the one I used, but it’s an outside night shot, I would like to use an interior. any good reflection maps resource?
    too long, didn’t read: look at the image and help :wink:

Any help would be appreciated.
oh, general comments and critics are also welcome!


The volume knobs can be textured like an eyeball. You’ll have an outside layer that will be transparent but will still have specular reflections. You also have an inner layer that will have a texture with the numbers on it. Look for a tutorial on how to model a simple eyeball to see what I mean. The eye has a clear cornea covering a colored iris. The knob has a clear material covering a colored dial.

You will need to check the user manual at and read the section on UV wrapping or maybe search for a tutorial on youtube about UV unwrapping with Blender.

  1. Look at a piece of chrome in real life. What color is it? Silver? Grey? Not really either. It’s mostly all the colors of what’s around it. So maybe try not using a reflection map and just place something behind the camera that will reflect in the chrome. You could use a plane with an image texture on it perhaps. Then you may also want to darken the material color and turn up the fresnel value a little.

you forgot to model in those chrome (i think) things along the frets as seen in the original pic along the neck