Yet Another Glass of Wine


My first post here, ever :slight_smile: . I’m not an artist, I’m a programmer but I like modeling things from time to time. I’ve done this one because I’ve seen a similar photo in wine catalog some time ago. It’s not perfect since it’s my first “serious” (not from tutorial) render. I’m a newbie so please don’t crush me. The size of this image is appropriate for a laptop wallpaper (at least for my laptop) and it’s 1280x800.

I’m not sure if it looks like wine… but it does look cool:eyebrowlift:

yeah it looks good! though, i’m not sure what else to do with the bottle to make it look more like a bottle of wine… light? caustics? maybe others could enlighten us :smiley:

Yeah, I would appreciate any help on how to improve this image. I found it difficult to set up an appropriate material for transparent liquid. My wine is a bit… solid. Looking at an overall level of renders in this forums I’m quite surprised that you like my bit. Thanks!

I like it. Maybe turn down the specularity on the the wine glass and the bottle and maybe add a label to the wine bottle.

Interesting composition. I’m having trouble reading the wine bottle as a bottle. Maybe a bit of illumination to distinguish the surface of the bottle from the black background. Not too much, just enough to get two different shades of black, so to speak.

Ok, so that’s the non-crushing part. If this was focused critique, I’d mention something about not seeing a wine level inside the bottle. It can’t be full after pouring some into the glass. Are you using internal renderer, Yafray, something else? Most of the issues are lighting/transparency/caustics related, so the render engine makes a big difference.

As blenditall mentioned, it does look cool. Good work.

Thank you Orinoco,

I wouldn’t change the composition because it’s how it has been as I saw it for the first time on some wine catalog. The bottle is much closer to the camera than the glass and this is why the wine level isn’t lower.

I used Blender Internal to render this bit. I would like to know how to make the wine less like tomato juice, I tried with transparency but then the shading becomes weird and unnatural. The “caustics” were mentioned twice in this thread… What is it?

I myself would call this render a start. It’s the first I’ve done by myself but now I’ll have to stick to the tutorials to know Blender better. Thanks to this website I’ll have enough education materials for a whole year or so.