Yet Another Grass(Now with PDF tutorial)

Here is my first attempt on using static particles instead of using the fiber 2.03:

Render with internel Blender with AO:

with wind:

Lawn grass that really needs cut:

Above is just a sectional of a whole lawn, to cut down the rendering time.

Got a .blend file?

Anychance of a quick tutorial?? screenshot etc

Looks good, could you tell us the number of particles for that one patch?

Quick and Dirty Tutorial:

  1. Start a new scene with a plane - (spacebar - > Add -> Mesh -> Plane)

  2. Press Tab to get into the object mode

  3. Press ‘1’ on keypad to switch to the front view

  4. Press ‘F7’ twice to get to the particles systems

  5. Click on NEW under Particles Tab

  6. Hold down Shift and click on the Amount

  7. Enter amount of 2000 Under Emit and press enter

  8. Click on Static then click on Mesh and Vect under Display

  9. Click on ParticleMotion

  10. Shift and click on Normal under Velocity and change it to .020

  11. Shift and click on Random under Velocit and change it to 0.014

  12. Shift and click on the Dampling under Velocity and change it to 0.30

  13. Change the Keys to 13 and Click on BSpline

  14. press ‘F5’ to go to Materials

  15. Click on Add New

  16. Click on Color Tab next to COL, and change the color to a nice green

  17. Click on SPE and change the RGB values to .300

  18. Click on Strands under Vcol Paint and change Start to 5.57 and End to .25

  19. Scale the model by value of 2.0 on all X,Y,Z directions, by pressing ‘S’ and scale with Left Mouse Click and drag while holding CTRL

  20. Press ‘F10’ and make sure the OSA is on and at 8

    • Make sure that Ray, Shadow, and EnvMap is turned on
  21. Click on Render and wait for your grass to be rendered

  22. If you want to push the limits on your CPU then turn on the AO (Amibent Occlusion) under the world button ( which is the little blue world thingy) and turn the samples up to 10

  23. press ‘F12’ to render again

My Scene had to seperate patches of grass, one with different color and shorter blades with different varibles under Particles.

A .blend file will be up soon and a possible a PDF file with some screenshoots

If you detect any errors under the tutorial, then let me know and I will correct it.



the random setting seems to be wrong in your tutorial. also the scaling.

Thanks Tyaedalis,

Yeah the random suppose to be .014 not .14, and the scale was a bit to much, 2.0 would be better. Thanks for the input. I have updated the tutorial.

thanx alot! really helps.

can you share the material/texture settings you had for your dirt in the first one? was it all procedural?

I think the second is the best, I can’t figure out how to get that result… And for the blade length, you could also turn Rlife on, on the particle motion tab. But it wont work for the color…

The second one has two seperate planes with different settings, I will upload a link of the .blend. So you can take a look at it.

thanx, Iv been suffering, with results much worse…

Okay here is the .blend file, sorry it took awhile.

It is about 92k, so it is quite small

Let know if the link does not work

woohoo! i like it! id love an .pdf tutorial :wink: oh allso im giving 5 susannes to this thread!


The dirt texture is just a seamless dirt texture loaded as a texture image and applied onto the plane, nothing special :slight_smile:

cheater… :-p

This is as far as I came:


Here is a tutorial that I made last night, it is 1.7 mb :

Hope it will make things easier to understand, since it has pictures :slight_smile:

Good job Ubuntuud on the grass, just keep playing around on the settings.

remember, you can upload blender related stuff to here;