Yet another guitar

So, boredom overtook me today and I modeled this guitar. Nothing special, but it’s been a fun little project. I apologize for not being more original, as it seems like guitars are about the second most commonly posted model, right after cars. Oh well, I’m sure no one will mind too much :wink:


Added inlays, screws, better material for the pick guard, and better wood material for the fret board. Other angles being rendered as we speak, and I’ll post them as they finish.


Wow that is really good! How long has this taken you?

Thanks Pirate, this has taken me about two days off and on, made in blender 2.5 and rendered with blender internal. Just finished another render as well.


finished render of another angle


Very nice! can you share the render settings in blender


Wooow, looks like a photo
I don’t know if Blender Internal could do this, can you share the node and material setting perhaps?

Thanks guys, here are some of the material settings and node setup.


Nice lighting and reflections!

Thanks friend for sharing the rendering setup :slight_smile: