yet another hair question

I wonder if there is a way to get practical hair to lay on a surface. Like hair laying on the scalp or drag across the bed. or lay on the counter as the girl backs up against the countertop.

Basically my problem is that when I apply –z forces to hair it goes right through the scalp mesh. Pokes right threw it.
the picture bellow is what the hairs starts out like. what can be done?

Can hair fall onto the scalp.
Can practical hair lay on a surface?
I have looked at several hair tutorials. I have found none go over hair laying on a surface.
Hope my question is clear. If not please ask me to restate it in other words.


have you tryed to use the curves as guides?

you can also set the scalp up as a particle (hair) deflector in the Object, Physics, Fields and Deflection panel though i’ve never tried it. probably best to stick to curve guides as Felix said.

I tried curve guides…too…its DOES NOT seem to make hair lay across a surface but same problem they are a pain and hair still pokes through my mesh.

But what about gravity pulling hair down till it lands on a surface.
How about a comb over tight to the scalp

or hair that lays on a surface like the countertop???

deflection on the scalp doesn’t seem work either…maybe i don have the setting right for scalp deflection.


Did I ask this in the wrong area???

Where’s that blender community I heard of???

I summed up what I know about hair in this animation and model below. The zip file has the entire model including hair guides with soft body so the hair contacts the scalp, shoulders, back, etc. The character has a deflector set. The hair would be 50 times more awesome if more hair guides were used. I think the “Make Hair” project is focusing on this. Just so you will understand how practical hair is in Blender, it took under 3 hours to build this model. Well, I downloaded the chubby guy off the web but I build the skeleton, added bone weights, materials, hair, hairguides, loin cloth and animated it all in under 3 hours. It would take another hour to add 15 more hair guides which would mean that the hair wouldn’t penetrate the ears and other appendages. The loin cloth is also a soft body but I it was penetrating. I know soft body is pretty good cloth simulator so I turned it off. Maybe somebody knows how to fix it and repost it? Anyway, I hope this helps you. Oh yea, if you want the hair to drag on a kitchen counter or whatever, just make the kitchen counter a deflector and it will work.

Thanks for spending so much time on your answer.

More questions.

I turn on soft-bodies on the hair emitting mesh and all that happens is the hair emitting mesh falls right down through the character model. No interaction. The character model is set to deflect but nothing is happening. I have set up a soft body effect before for a test. So I get how to do it. But I wonder if there is something I don know about practical emitting meshes and soft-bodies.

Again thank you for your time.

I’ve also torn my own hair out trying to figure out how best to do the hair-do-ing. Turns out that curve guides alone are the best option, but knowing how to use them is not well explained. (I’m going to assume that you’ve already been to the blenderwiki and know all the settings.)

First, when you make a curve guide the most important setting is the first one ‘MinDist.’ That’s not intuitive. It should read ‘Beginning of influence.’ Set the start of your curve guide, the first bezier vertex, right in the middle of the surface of the region you want to affect. Then set your ‘MinDist’ to the area of influence that you want.

Second, when you use a curve guide, it is the guide, not ‘Life’ that controls how long your hair will be. To prove this to yourself, set Life very low. I pulled a long strand of hair out with a setting of 2. Now, you can shape the curve guide any way you want, but the strand is going to only go to the first and last points of your curve guide. Set the value to 100, say, and it’ll look better, because it now has more resolution. That’s what life does when you’re using a curve guide; it gives the hair more resolution.

Third, set not only life very low, but also any other settings. In fact, set everything to zero till you have the shape you want. Then, use only one click for ‘norm’ and, optionally, one click for ‘random.’ Random will really screw up a long strand of hair.

Fourth, don’t worrry about gravity settings and stuff until you have something close to want you want. Toggling ‘Vect’ on the right side of the particles ‘Display’ panel has interesting results. Pay attention to your “patches” when it’s toggled off. You’ll see alot of what I’m talking about when playing with the ‘Life’ setting.

Fifth, break it down and keep it simple until you know what you’re doing. When you start throwing in more than one curve guide, use ‘Additive’ to mix their results. You can also put regions of your scalp and their controlling guides on different layers in order to keep their influences totally seperate.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


That is the best explanation yet.

Thanks maybe you said the words I personally needed to hear. I think I get it. 

So am I right in saying that it takes a lot of curve guides to make hair look anywhere near good or realistic.
Yes I have the video and the use the manual frequently. So I don’t think it goes over this exactly as you put it.


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