yet another head & body

here’s the actual geometry:

and there you have the newest render:

and for the current .blend, you have to look here:
.blend - it’s not too much different from the previous one though… ^^


I took a look at your blend file and the reference images don’t match! All the features of the head (mouth, nose, ears, …) need to be at the same height in front and side view or it will be extremely difficult to get the geometry right.
The forehead is a bit to small and the jaw and cheeks are is too big, don’t forget the tear ducts.
You have made good progress!

I know that the references don’t match. And actually, the front view is too young for what I actually wanted to go for. I just couldn’t find any nice reference anywhere. These where about as good as it got.
Oh, and despite rotating the side reference, I didn’t get it to be “straight”, so I actually have to compensate for the tilt of the head. Maybe I overdid it, but the shape I directly get if lined up is certainly odd…

thank you for the comment :slight_smile:
I’ll ty to form the tearduct in the next step…

Right now I’m trying hair btw… though, the settings I used probably are suboptimal^^

Ok, yes, indeed: they are.
Does anyone have an idea what I could have done wrong? The hair straints are way too wide… (2.49b)


more eyebrow definition?

you mean, a sharper edge at where the eye brows would be?
Yeah, might be too smooth now :slight_smile:
Ok, todo:
tear duct definition
eyebrow definition
fixing hair

I really wonder what I did wrong with them…

Ok, there are some strange single dots, where no hair should be, based on the weight-paint…
Else, it now seems to be ok… Not convincing but ok…

What do you think?


@ the black dots: make sure those areas are painted to exactly zero, not 0.01, the difference in color can be hard to see…

I painted over those regions trice… but I’ll try to paint over them again :slight_smile:
Do you have an idea, how I could get rid of the very short strands on the border between the full and zero weighted zones?
Smoothing it out wouldn’t improve this, as hair tend to show up on a quite sharp line…

ey thats ya profile pic. lol

Well, it’s my avatar… My first serious blender work^^

There you go, btw: fixed the hair :slight_smile:

With a custom super sharp gradient, it got obvious :slight_smile:

Now, I need to find out how to get rid of the hair in the border sections… Is there any way to define transition sharpness in weight paints on a per-vertex basis?
Could I fix this with combing?
Or… what else could I do?


Shouldn’t the eyebrowline slightly protrude? Or was that intentional?
This is unrelated, but I think that your character would either look amazing as an infant.

I’ve seen people fix the borders either by adding geometry or by using an uv texture to control the hair. You could also increase the amount of children and make the hairs more transparent to make it look smoother…

Thanks Jörzi.
Gotta find out how to go the UV-map route, as I don’t really want to add more geometry.

The hair count btw is based on what I found on the web is supposed to be the average hair-count…

Thanks TylerJFisher… It looks way younger than I was going for but it’s not that bad either. It’ll probably be my youngest main character from the story, who is supposed to be about four years old…
The eyebrows actually do protrude, but probably neither far enough, nor is the transition sharp enough… actually, the eye region probably generally needs more work…

By now I saw a lot of tutorials on faces, hands or lowpoly bodies, though none for medium-poly bodies, which would fit that head…
Does anyone know a good one or two? :slight_smile: Videotut would be best but I don’t mind a text one either.

I didn’t see that someone replied. Argh, I really hope, those new-post-reset issues get solved at times…

The particle texture is a bit of a pain to set up since it doesn’t update on-the-fly like the vertex groups. I did a little example .blend to spare you some problems. Just make sure that you use the multiply blending mode.
Also here is a little documentation,_Interaction_and_Time

Ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, here is a reshaped version which fits the references more accurately and I tried to get the brows right. (Not the hair but the region)

I think, the ears are also rather where they should be now. Though they don’t really look good :S - Where? yes. How? no…

Maybe UV-hair will work better (realtime update and stuff) in 2.50 :slight_smile:


there is still a problem with the eyebrow, I don’t like it that way. But great work on the hair, they look really realistic :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:
In case of density and thickness, they’re based on data I found…

I interpreted this as 0.08 mm at the bottom, 0.018 mm at tip. Maybe they meant it differently though…
And on the count of head hair, I just did a google search and found somewhere that the eyebrown on average should be roughly 550 hair per brow and roughly 100000 on the head…

Ok, after a longer pause, I tried to do a body - for now, I did not base it off the head, so it wont be the final version.

The geometry is horrible, I guess…
I gotta find either a propper tutorial or some nice pictures of geometry, especially from the back - that seems to be the weakest part…

Though, the only part that I think is acceptable (and certainly not more), is the belly… - It also lacks a lot of details…

Any suggestions or links to tuts/nice torso meshes?
(I must admit, I didn’t search for toooooo long, though, I mostly found front-meshes…)


kinda hard to find some great body modeling tutorial. You should study existing wires on forum.

oh and you can check that out, great images.

yea the upper torso and the back look messy, but I’m sure you can move/add vertices and get a nice result really quickly.
keep it up