yet another head (newbie)

(bjclark) #1

hi all

my first attempt at a human head (reference pic from

im new to blender / 3d so this is taking me ages (basically just going through tutes/examples around the place).
part way through an ear tute which is why it looks weird.

crits and suggestions appreciated.



(Zweistein) #2

How did you do that head? Did you do it from a “box-Mesh” ? My heads do not look so good like yours :wink:

(Detritus) #3

That´s looking good! The only thing that needs improvement is the chins and maybe the proportions. But this is really good. Modelling humans is always hard.

(Grizzly69) #4

Fix the ear. It looks out of place. :slight_smile:

(bjclark) #5

thanks for the feedback guys

about proportions - im not sure how to compensate for perspective in the reference pics - any tips ?

ears - sorry - as i say - slow going…

zweistein - heres the evolution of my head:

started out as a subdivided plane to create face detail
attempted to use a box to shape head - oops - didnt work
used a sphere instead - much better - but proportions way out
got reference pic and reshaped accordingly
…and some more
now adding detail…

heres some wireframes (1 level of sub-d turned on)



(paradox) #6

very nice head, thanks for sharing the making details too. On the porportions the distance from the eye to the chin should be about the same as from the eyes to the top of the head. This is a proportion that many people misjudge. That was the main thing I noticed in your first picture. Other than that I’m impressed. Keep it up.

(Aksy) #7

The ear is so back I think. but anyway it’s god model 8)

(Hexa-dB) #8

:o Damn! I’ve been trying to make heads a lot lately and none of mine have been anywhere near as good!