Yet another head :)

Heads seem popular these days… :slight_smile:

I figured I should go for a more realistic face this time around. I semi-followed
this tutorial for the basic edge loop setup and went from there.

Render (with AO):


C & C welcome.

He is a badguy/thug? He looks so mad … Good facial expression.

Only thing that concerns me a bit is the point where nose joins forehead. It just seems a bit too deep/unnatural but on the other hand it might not be a bad thing.

Also i think that the corners of the eyebrows should be more defined. -> Sharper bones/corners so he looks even meanier.

The mouth seems to be a bit wide.

Nice start though.

I like it but the mouth is a little wide.

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the mouth is a bit wide still. It was even wider earlier in the process, but I have scaled it inwards a little. I agree that it could use a bit more, though.

Good point with the eyebrow, I’ll add some definition there. :slight_smile:


I love that tutorial. I don’t see any problem with your modelling. But of course for realism this is not the best example. Are you planning on continuing with this?

More head modeling. It is good to see that this trend is going on. I am learning from many people here.

vidarino I see that you have good use of polys on the meshing. those tutorials are very good. They give you a place to start.

So, I decided to redo much of the face, going for an aging man instead of the “brute” in the draft. I have also started some basic texturing and bump-mapping:

A bit more texturing and bump-mapping, and a pair of very basic eyes;

(Man, painting textures and bumpmaps is quite an adventure. This is my first serious attempt, by the way. I’m happy with the results so far. :slight_smile: )

C & C welcome!

close the eyelids a bit more, he looks like he wants to kill

If you look at the earlier version, he used to want exactly that. :wink:

Good catch, though. New version below, now with irises and ears, as well;

nice bump map. the iris and pupil could be a bit bigger i think, and if he is older, you should make the iris colour a bit grey-er…

Your skin is looking good. What resolution is your UVmap? Mine is 1000x1000, but I am increasing it for more detail.

For Halloween, you should do a quick Freddy Kruger map and slap it on the head. I am thinking of doing that to mine, just for the holiday. Then go back and finish the project as normal.

Hmm, I think you’re right.

Mine are 1024x1024, but it seems I need to increase that a bit, at least for the bump map. If I go any closer to his face and render, the wrinkles become blurry and very artificial-looking. On the other hand, I’m less than thrilled about having to repaint it all, because it was a rather tedious job… Fun, though. :wink:

I’m using ramp shading for the skin, by the way. I dove into it without any specific plan in mind, and just tweaked colors until it looked nice. I think I’ll try to do a small writeup on that at some point.

Hehe, that’s a good idea. My projects always seem to fork themselves into several sub-projects, so why not. :slight_smile:

You may not need to repaint, just enlarge it and touch it up. But it is always better to do it right and repaint it.

Ramp Shading. I am using that too. But just a tiny bit. Almost not noticeable.

How are you painting your UVmap and BumpMap?
Here’s how I am doing it. I get the unwrapped Image exported from Blender, then open it in PaintShop Pro 7.0

Next I add a layer on top to do the skin tones. I can make this layer semi transparent, to see the original UVmap when needed. I save the Layer as a TGA file for mapping.

I do the same as above (on a 3rd layer) for the Bump map.

True, but if I rescale the maps, they have a tendency to becomy blurry, which is exactly what makes low-res maps look … low-res. :wink: Anyway, i’ll probably do it anyway, and add detail where it is needed.

How are you painting your UVmap and BumpMap?

That’s exactly how I do it as well (only in Gimp, under Linux). I paint textures and bumps on several layers, though, so I can fine-tune them afterwards; E.g. if I want more prominent wrinkles around the eyes, I just tweak the opacity of just that layer and leave the rest alone.

Are you planning on using the SSS script?

I found out that it won’t work on multiple textures, unless all of the textures (of the same mesh) have the Vcol button on.

I have shiny lips on a non-shiny face, and came across this problem. Drove me crazey for an hour.

Sometimes - I repeat, sometimes - blurriness of enlarged images can be improved with the addition of some monochromatic noise (Photoshop has it, I assume Gimp probably does too). If the noise is too overbearing, then adding it to just one colour channel might reduce its impact but still break up the blurred blocks of colour.

You still may need to re-do some detailed areas.