yet another head

when i was not feeding babies. i start this head today. i post it before to go to sleep.

Nice head, but whats up with his eyes?

beautifully done

Did not get the time to finish the eyes. will try today… and finding an appropiate hair style. any soggestion is welcome

beautiful modeling. can I see some wires. Oh and either a bowl cut or just keep him bald.

here is more pics

Looks a tad like Steve Buscemi - Which I think is very cool

Just need a little work on the ears for a little more realism, and I’m sure your working to make the hair not as sharp, but you got a great thing going here!

Why not give him a hair cut like friar tuck?

I think it would suit his head

Do you have blend.file his hair is very broken & junkie?

dammit! you changed him before i could suggest my idea…

here goes anyway: keep the creepy eyes, make his skin paler, give him some cuts and scratches,make some hair flop infront of his face…

anybody see where this is going?

I think the hair is fine and in keeping with the style of the face. I am interested in the material for the face. Would you kindly go into more detail about the skin material you used?

a more advanced level