Yet Another Human Head

But don’t worry this is my second attempt at a human head!

I just randomly decided I’d show my progress.
It’s a self portrait (like my other head here that I made in 2007)

and for those into topology

The eye is just a place holder for now and it still has a long way to go but if anyone can see anything wrong with it then please shout it out!.. constructively

There seems to be a vertical pinch in the cheek right next to the nose. Sometimes it helps to imagine the bone structure under the skin. The skin tends to smooth over that structure except in old people.

Okay, I think I know what you meant, so here’s a quick update.
I’m going to kneed to do some guess work for the back of my head as the reference image have cut it off :frowning:

edit: it would be smart of me to put the image in wouldn’t it?