Yet another interior design scene

Hey guys haven’t posted anything for a while, been focusing on watching/reading tutorials on lighting/composition as well as trying to design this room/lobby. I would really like feedbacks on how I can improve this, particularly I think my lighting still has a lot of room for improvement to make it more natural and realistic. Right now I’m using a world with environment texture, a plane with emission on the sides and a small plane with emission on the top where the left opens up.

Hope you guys like it and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


I really really REALLY like this.
I can’t think of a single criticism.
Awesome work.

Beautiful lighting! I love the attention to details… I also love the SNSD reference with the GAB, you just missed an ‘I’
lol :wink: Just thought I’d mention it, but I’ve never seen a gold lego man that big btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys,

boss, no GAB is part of my name, my name is Gabriel. Though I know SNSD though :slight_smile:
And here is Mr. Gold