Yet another interior

Hello. Here is my latest commercial project.
Hope you like it!


and some more…


and some more


and some more :slight_smile:


Rendered with Cycles (double GTX 980 ti) 1500 samples 14 mins per image

The modeling looks awesome but the light/shadows looks unnatural. Too white, seems the light is everywhere.
I see this style a lot here, most of the time it’s caused by AO, no caustics, low clamp, low bounces.
I know it render faster but the results are not worth.

It is the other side of Cycles, if you don’t have your personal renderfarm - the only way to render fast is AO, low clamp and other hacks.

So you do it as your job that you need fast render? Then i unserstand that you need it.

yes it is my job - i need to render 12-16 images per 5-6 hours or faster in medium resolution (up to 1920) and all images shold look good, here in Russia the price for such job is very low - not more than 5 USD for 1 square meter. And every client wants to get the result ASAP.

Hello! Awesome and stunning work! Can you please show us the lighting settings in your scene with screenshots? I want to know what you used to make that kind of lighting. It will really help me to understand lighting better))

The renders are looking good, and I like the models, but just like other people mentioned. Get the lightning right and it will looks so much better. Good job nonetheless!

Your works are great!,
Just i think your light is a few cold,If you can add a few power of the sun at your works,
Your final works can be more better,

keep it up

I would suggest researching other renders such as Corona, which is pretty much the new big thing for interiors. For Blender you can use the exporter addon with Corona Standalone for free.

mariohm1311 Corona is not officially supports blender. - so Corona for blender is a deadend. Cycles is going better and better from time to time. For this moment clients are satisfied with images and it works. If i’ll need more i’ll use internal - and will spend some more time…

Hey man the style is awesome.
Next time with more info please rendertime, resolution, etc.
Cycles has the best material editor ever and the results are awesome.

Great job.

Love 3D Cycles (double GTX 980 ti) 1500 samples 14 mins per image 1600*1200 pixels