Yet Another Ipod Mini

Hi folks,

I just recently got back into blender. I got bored this Friday and wanted to create an Ipod mini. I modelled this in under 3 hours. I have some serious render problems, and I mean serious.

I hate all this grain that I am recieving. My render settings are:

gi method : full
quality: high
light emit : 2.4
indirect light emit : 2.4

I have been experimenting with the cache settings on a gi quality setting of low, but the results are aweful. I really want to know how I could get rid of all this grain, even at the costs of huge render times.

What are the settings you guys use for Full GI Rendering ?

I want this thing to be as realistic as possible so please crit it too death. I am also having problems creating the actual shader for the main casing. Could anyone please give some suggestions as to what material properties it should be.


Try to add samples to raytraced shadows in lamp buttons.

Looking good!

turn on cache and make the quality low and render
that should remove the grain…
tell me what u get