Yet another kitchen (cycles)
(click for high res)

just over 4000 samples. ran over night :slight_smile:
Let me know what you think

It looks good. The only thing that stands out is the wood texture on the side of the table. It looks very stretched.

Floor looks a bit like an old ships deck. Gaps too big.
Stretching on side of bench tops.
Bench top probably needs more sheen - it would likely be hard, smooth, and have a protected coat so that food/liquid doesn’t seep into wood grain.
Generally kind of lacking color and contrast. Lighting too even and bland. Should be “brightness” coming from window

However, I expect it took a while to put together, good job so far.

It does look rather BI-ish to be honest. The floor looks really flat and you can clearly see the texture seam, the UV stretching on the wooden tables and the window frame are also very apparent.

The lighting could be improved as well, there is a reflection in the coffee pot and toaster coming from the left but there is no indication elsewhere that light would be emitting from that area. The table in the middle looks pasted onto the rest of the scene.

Sorry if I sound harsh, I’m pretty tired and no offence intended :<

Great start! If you could upload the .blend I could fix some stuff for you.

if you want it… here it is :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not quite sure that a kitchen like that … would actually have a floor like that … but hey. What’s good is good indeed. The rest is subject to negotiation. :spin:

Ok I made some minor changes and heres the result:
Of course it could use some more time to render, but you get the idea. Heres the .blend DOWNLOAD
I hope that helps, I think a little more work and it could be an awesome render.