Yet another lightsaber (I call this one Rosebud)

Like the sled from Citizen Kane. I used a sith blade on this one because I had a rose in mind while I was modeling it and I wanted to capture that with the colors. This one took me all night, but it was definitely worth it. I’m still working with fairly simple meshes, but I sculpted these more rather than just leaving them as is. It’s mostly cylinders and cubes I skewed. A cross-section of the hilt reveals that it’s actually elliptical rather than round.


Fire it up!

I can’t wait to start messing with animations, but right now I’m just trying to get the hang of sculpting. Any comments?

Well done! You should mess around with materials, with ray mirror you can make cool reflective metals. The background can look better if you texture it.

Right now I’m just trying to keep it basic and get the fundamentals of sculpting and interacting with Blender down. Once I get the hang of that I’ll start playing around with textures and the like. I’ve got a .pdf textbook that I’m planning to work through this summer.