Yet another luxrender problem

I know i’m like the umptienth person to post this question, but why can’t I get luxrender to run? I’ve downloaded the latest build of blender + luxblend (packaged from graphicall: r36488) and i’ve downloaded the latest luxrender build (0.8 RC3). Blender runs fine, luxrender runs fine (independently that is), but when I try and render a scene, luxrender doesn’t open…and before you ask, yes the renderer is set to luxrender and the path is directed to the luxrender installation. I realize the difficulties in troubleshooting, given that both programs are under heavy development, but i thought i’d ask anyways in case someone had any suggestions

Did you enable the “Run Renderer” checkbox? If you did, and it still won’t work, start Blender up from the command line so you can see the console, and check there for any errors you might be getting.

thanks a bunch