yet another mech(DONE ! No more headaches !!!)

well, i know the mechs are just about as common as the dragons in this forum…but hey, i like mechs, so im gonna model one, here’s what i got so far:

c&c welcome (as always)

well, i don’t see anything , but good luck !

…ok… um… nice leg. It’s really low poly. Are you planning to make a game model out of it? You can smooth it out by going into edit mode and selecting everything and pressing “set Smooth”…

otherwise, there’s not much else to say until there’s a more to see. but you’re making a good start.

yeah, i know its low poly…but i kinda like the simplistic design…but also, im not really finished with it either…its a WIP…i plan on adding some bevel and smoothing to make it look better…i just thought i might let everyone see my progress so far…

i’ve only been using blender for a month…and i already love it

more updates ! started on body and such, also did some modifications on the leg

crits welcome

looks better, a lot. I think that connection leg with the body is a bit too thin.

yeah, i was just testing how im gonna connect the leg…i may just use the tube as a guide to build my meshes around…i dunno, any ideas anyone ?

A couple of months ago, i was modeling a mech too. Its not great and done yet, but you can see it for some kind of reference.

regards, f41t3r

one more update before lunch…just kinda got the whole thing together to see what it would look like

Immediately made me think of this. Perhaps you could use this as some sort of inspiration. Its from the movie Robocop which many people have seen. I like the thin connection personally. But you really need to concentrate on getting the poly count up. Right now the details are indescernable. This should be good practice for your modeling skills however so don’t let anyone discourage you. Perhaps instead of trying to model the best mech ever, you should give yourself a time limit on the modeling, then texture it, and call it done. Then start again. Each time you finish a project you can take what you learned from the last one and apply it to the next. Having mountains of unfinished work (like I do) can stifle your creativity and leave you feeling frustrated. So instead of tossing out a bunch of projects its probably best to put them in a completed state, even if its not what you hoped for or it could be better. Its better to finish something and move on because you can always come back to it once you’ve improved at modeling. Just my opinion.

hey, thank you for the wonderful advice desoto, i do plan on gettin the poly count up…but i just have a problem when i model my stuff…i tend to keep it simple for some reason i dunno why…i spose if i were subsurf modeling it would be good…i dunno, any advice on adding more detail ?

but yes…i do plan on finishing this one…thanks for the advice

qiuck update of the head…im gonna make a “head shield” kind of thing and then put some more mechanical stuff inside to see !

It appears as though you have several edges and faces overlapping. Try to be sure that your meshes are made up of tris and quads only and that each pair of vertices is only part of ONE edge. It looks like you’ve got some odd structure to your mesh. If you could post a screen shot of your mesh it would be easier to give you advice on how to fix it.

One last thing: It looks like you’re using AO for your test renders. Its much faster to put a couple lamps around your mesh and worry about lighting later. AO renders slowly and wastes time you could be spending making fixes. Generally you don’t even have to worry about rendering your mesh until you start lighting and texturing. Blender’s OpenGL view is a highly accurate representation of what your mesh will look like rendered. At least in my experience. Its tempting to keep hitting F12 all the time, but if you get distracted by the camera angle and lighting, it’ll just stifle your productity in my opinion.

Try to make sure your mesh is “clean” first. This means that you try to have a minimal number of triangular faces. No duplicated vertices (W KEY -> Remove Doubles). No duplicated edges, no faces that are coplanar but don’t share edges, and no edges or verts that don’t have faces attached to them. I hope these tips help you sort out some of the chaos you seem to be facing here.

hey yeah…those are excellent tips…and i plan on implementing them ! thank you desoto…i look forward to your great advice more and more as i get this project finished !

ok, i got you some wire images to work with…

You seem to have misplaced you images :slight_smile: I would love to comment but there’s nothing there! :open_mouth: If you edit your post I’ll edit this one :slight_smile:

go ahead. i fixed the image links…(grumbles something about his friends at-home server)

Can I see the mesh in edit mode? Right now I can see already that it seems as though you have a lot of “poles”. This is a vert that has five or more edges attached to it. here is a very useful thread in a 3d forum about edge loop modeling which will help you a great deal in creating healthier topography in your meshes. I think if you give that a read you’ll have a much better understanding of why its important to avoid triangular faces in some cases, and why it is important to avoid poles in some cases. Its also just a good inspiration for modeling technique. There are many sources like this available on the net. Just do a quick google search.

(Btw. That link is not specific to Blender but it applies to almost all 3D Modeling software)

well, i kinda give up…im gonna go ahead and post this as a finished project and start on something else…its not as finished as i would like, but hey, i can always update it later.

here’s the images:

first off here’s the first render without beveling:

and then the same with beveling

and now some other views with beveling

this mech has been quite the learning experience…but no more headaches with it…

this project is finished(untill further notice)

Wow… considering what you were showing us earlier I’m very impressed with how it turned out :slight_smile: Would be nice if you textured it for us :smiley: Pleeeeease?