Yet another member needs help ...

Hi everyone.

I’m currently a member of the forum, and I’m a relativly “respected” member over there. I’m just wondering if people make these kind of threads here, as they do at “brickfilms”."

I’m new! (As you can guess.) I’m Rob, and I am 12 years old. I make lego animated films (See my site) and recently I had one of my films shown at the cinema, during a contest. I went to a few “workshops” during the festival and I found out a lot, expecially about CGI animation etc. I met a guy called Mark William who currently works for Aardman Animations, working on the CGI “book worms” for a British BBC advert. He uses a really advance program called “Maya.” Have you heard of it? Anyway, he’s made a few “brickfilms” and we got into the discussion of using CGI programs for making lip sync’d mouths to place over real lego faces. He said that he would give me a really old copy of a program called “Lightwave 3.2”, saying that I could easily to the things I wanted in it.

He tested the program and it dosn’t work on Windows XP, so I decided to download Blender. I know I sound like a complete “newb,” but it’s REALLY COOL! I know, especially at my age, there’s no way I will be able to create something like the stuff I’ve seen on this site straight away, but I just wondered:

Does anyone have any personal tips/know some tutorials for starting of on Blender?

From my experience, I expect a lot of people will post after me saying things like:

“Read the FAQ!”
“Look at these links …”
“Check this …”
“Check that …”

… but I was just wondering if anyone new some 1st Class, easy starting tutorials or personal experience they could share with me.

I’ve worked throught the first 10 or so pages on the tutorial names “Blender: Noob to Pro” on Wiki. I’ve created one very simple man … :expressionless:

Also, is this post in the right forum?

And if you find and spelling mistakes, please tell me, I didn’t realise my post was this long and I can’t be bothered to read through it!

Wow a whole post with only 1 smiley!

Thanks to anyone who helps me …

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Hello :slight_smile:
first with the preliminaries:

“Read the FAQ!”
“Look at these links …”
“Check this …”
“Check that …”

Okay, this probably belongs in Blender General forum.
One of the first tutorials i tried was the gingerbread man from the documentation. the buttons look a little different now, but it is still a good tool for starting out.
“Your first animation in thirty minutes” :
i still have a soft spot for the little guy…

For tutorials see here:

blenderartists is the site that is being built to supersede elysiun, so the forum link points here.

Maya is expensive, very expensive…


Good luck, and keep trying!


If you have Hgh speed internet, there is nothing like video tutorials:

my favorites are here, try the level 1’s first…


Good luck wwith the Legos, if you are a Lego fanatic… this stuff should not be too difficult, and you should already know how important followinfg directions step by step are.

LAst tutorial hint… if you can’t get it to work, the tutorial does not have something wrong… look again… :wink:

Ohh… and get the manual… see if you can check one out at the Library or something. The actual book really helps sometimes.