Yet another Nayman Spaceship

Hey guys, long time no post. How ya been?

Anyhoo, finally got inspired to do some more sci-fi design and this was the result…

I have no clue what the strange shadow on the right engine intake is, I cant make it go away, but it is a shadow.

The pilot lies down on his back using his right hand to control the ship and left to operate auxiluarly systems. He has a video montor mounted on the top of the canopy that feeds from a realtime camera mounted in the nose. The glass o0n the sides is for formation flying and ladning visibility (Less glass means less heavy for flight).

This ship is designed for both atmospheric, and space operation, with a range of only about 10,000,000 miles (so it aint going too far into the solar system without a refueling)

Compressed in divx…

gonna model a bit more, a pilot, and then texture

Very slick design, as usual. Well modelled too.

No crits from me. :smiley:


I really like the design as well. Sleek and futuristic.

One minor crit is that the wings could be a little thicker/bigger.

nice ship :wink:

Nayman… I LOVE this ship… the styling is incredible. I like the functional appearance and, as other have said, the elegant and futuristic design. About the wings, I like them; but zdk1 may be right. A little thicker wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know about bigger though. Either way, it rocks.

looks great nayman, very slick and stylish. But what’s in the nose of it…? The nose seems to take up so much space

And how much does it cost?

love the animation - how do you get it into divx?

Gotta love the design :smiley: Slick, stylish, and very fast looking.

as a spaceship lover…I must say…WOA I fucking love it!

It’s beautifull, keep working on it I can’t wait to see more!

you inspired me…I’m gonna model secretly, and post something in the next few weeks! :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as you have the DivX codec on your system, (, it will show up in the output file menu in the render options. Then, just animate the scene and voila!


Thank you all. Teh nose holds many sensors and a camera system to project an image for the pilot to see. Glass is very heavy, many times heavier than most metal, so a spaceship would be wasting valuable space by having a huge glass window.

Also, it just looks kinda funky. I like ships to by stylish and functional

And X warrior; before you showed up on the boards I was one of the only guys regularly churning out Sci fi… seeing your images recently inspired me to give blender some of my time again… I think your work has progressed exceptionally well, and I love your designs… we should have a “ship off”… may the best… and coolest, ship win!

you want a challenge eh? :smiley: I’m up to it!

Next weekend, 2day challenge…from friday midnight (–>saturday) to Sunday midnight (–>monday)…so 48hours. Spaceship…could be one manned…or huge spaceship…not a war/military ship tho. just a “civil” spaceship.

! email me if you agree! this weekend is kinda the only time I have free in the next 2weeks…then there is school so…I hope it’s ok! (my email is in my elysiun profile)

I’ll be waiting to get my ass kicked :slight_smile: give me some news dude!

very nice nayman. great design.

Great just great, the idea the mdeling all is great :slight_smile:
I have seen a lot of sci-fi spaceship models,
and I always wanted to make one myself…
But I cant seems to think if an idea :frowning:
How do you do it guy’s?

Incredible! It has such style to it, I can’t think of a word to describe it.

I am thinking of colour desings… It is called the Dorado (the fastest fish in the sea) but all my molted, blue-green and yellow tests have been hideous. I was thinking dull blacks and cool whites, but that has been done. Any colour ideas?

Yellow and white?