Yet Another Peugeot

Some problems with the windows as you can see in the carrofim4.jpg picture

it won be a revolution on car designs, but I likeit :wink:

I like it as well, some retro elements in the design. I need to see what the back is like before I would think of buying a car like this :wink:

Nice Job. I love these peugeot WIPS! Everyone is so creative. Here is what i notice about yours

  1. Car to me looks much better in white
  2. Rims need to be more flashy they don’t say anything special for the car.
  3. Tail-lights are too big for the car, but nicely done.
  4. On the rear part of the left front fender of the black car, either that is a shadow or a piece is missing can’t tell but it pulls my eye right there.
  5. Finally the squareness at the top of the trunk, too sharp.

Now, how fast does it go? That’s what i want to know.