yet another pool deck

This is a pool deck I made following the Architecture Academy. I used blender cycle with 3500 sample, indirect clamp 40 and no caustic. I really tried to be rid off the noise but it was not possible to me. I used portal on the windows on the first floor but that did not really help. So please feel free to comment and give nice hint to reduce the noise :D.

Decent! I like it

This is amazing! can you please give the light nodes from the lamp behind the plants?

Very nice colors and lights. I think the noise is caused by small and bright lights. Try clamp indirect like 3 or 5, at 40 it has no noticeable effect, maybe some filter glossy helps, too. The lightportals work only for indoor scenes so you can keep them for renders inside^^. And maybe you don’t have to use that many samples.

thanks! proving it now :slight_smile:

I try to clamp at 3 to 5 but I was loosing a lot of colour dynamic. However, I should look at the size of the lamp indeed. They might be the reason of this noise.

Nice :slight_smile:
I’d amp up the warmth in those lamps though. Looks a little cold inside.

But otherwise, nicely done :slight_smile: