Yet another Python script doozy...

Hey everybody. I have a major issue…

First of all, here’s some background: I’ve downloaded Blender 2.37, I’ve set up Python 2.3, and I’ve set the “PYTHONPATH”…


… under enviromental variables.

When I start up blender, it loads the python software, all of the scripts that came with blender work fine, and life is rosy… but then if I try to run any other python scripts (e.g. The 3ds Max converstion script or Ter2Blend) Those scripts never fail to say “Python script error:check console.” :x %|

No, I’m not lazy…I’ve looked all over the internet for reasons why my downloaded scripts aren’t working; I’ve even seen multiple conversatioins on this forum about this problem, but I still can’t figure it out. Please help me. I would be eternally grateful.

The scripts were possibly written for an earlier version that used Python 2.2.2 or even as far back as 1.5.

But, if you look in the console, as the message suggests (in Mac and Linux you’ll need to open one from Applications) there will be an error message that will tell you exactly why it refuses. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to decipher it, but someone here will.


Well, I’ll give you guys out there one example of what is highlighted when it say “Python script error:CHeck console” …

Ter2Blend.blend, for example, highlights- “Import os, glob”

Flock Sim.blend highlights- “Import flock”

reScale highlights- “if Ink.locZ < diam:”

The TopixCloth tool, entitled Topix.blend, highlights- “import topix”

The 3ds converter highlights nothing.

So now that I’ve thrown up all that information, let’s see if you computer geniuses can live up to your names. :wink:

The console is a black, DOS-type cmd window (in windoze it runs behind blender). What you gave us islines of highlighted text, not the error message. The error message will start with “Traceback, most recent call…”
Oh yes, And Topix and Flock won’t work (maybe on Blender 2.28) as they’re both proof-of-concept scripts (for coders). Ter2Blend must be Version 4, and you’ll have to give us a link to the 3DS script for anyone to know if it’s current.


DUH! What’s my problem? Wow, it’s been a long day. I know what the console is. gosh

Well, if so many scripts are outdated like they are, that’s probably my problem.

So can you just tell me where I can get up-to-date python scripts that work with my version of Blender??? (especially 3Ds converter and Ter2Blend) That would be swell!

~Jared O’~

P.S. Tanks for all your help. I really appreciate it…

Look @ for python scripts they should be up to date, as for the Ter2Blend, I had updated it so I could use, but like everything on my computer I removed it. Its not too hard to update script just know what changed where made in the python/blender api.

I’m pretty sure these links are in my sig but anyway:

Another 3Ds IMPORT only script here:


Thank you very much!
You guys rock! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me later wink

~Jared O’~